Tyranid second Wave in March! UPDATE

Hey there painteholics,

Since yesterday evening guessing, hoping and waiting is finally over. For two long years we waited for our second wave. Tons of codex entries without a model and now we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel: Tyranids in march. Sorry that I couldnt bring you the news sooner but I was ( and kinda still am) out of my serious mode and in my ten-years-old-fanboy mode.

So what do we get:
-  A Tervigone / Tyrannofex Plastic Kit
-  A new Hive Tyrant Plastic Kit
    which is easily a Harpy,too :P
-  Boneswords/Lashwhip Bits

Since I converted most of the lacking entries myself I didnt need this wave but I will get both boxes twice anyway because the endless conversion possibilities ;D But enough talk - here are the new critters:

UPDATE 23.02.2012

I just got some more pics. Some different colour shemes and pictures of the boneswords and laswhip bits. I am so happy my favourite bugs finally get some love :D 

And just to be complete here are some pictures of the upcomming Space Wolve miniatures. So the sons of russ will get some more stuff soon,too. 


  1. I'm with you, K. I still can't resist these bad boys even though I've already kitbashed them. :D Yay, bug addiction!

  2. Yehaaa I gonna preorder 2 kits of the tervigone and 2 kts of the hive tyrant. We will see what I do with them. I think about 2 hierodules a malantrophe and a new plastic tyrant for my daggoth Brood. The Tervigone kits are big enough to convert them into hierodules :D