Rhino wip

So, i got some wip images of the Rhino miniature im painting at the moment (as well as another famous artist, gaaah!! :) ) lots of lots of skinjob and as im painting only acrylics this is taking like forever, especially as i got 1-2 hours/day to paint if im lycky. i really need to start practising these oil colours, or the airbrush which mostly just collecting dust over here.

Anyway, shading are mostly browns, red and purple cooled off with some scaly green at the darkest parts, man i love that colour, its a shame GW discontinue to manufacure that one. in this pictures, shading of the lower parts (legs n' "stuff" ) has just begun. i hope i manage to finish this one prior feb 24... will be hard as i havent even begun the basework yet.


  1. yoo, like it so much :). looking forward to new posts!