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Heyho everybody out there,

I am very proud to tell you, that we got two partners in our blog. And these partners are well known.


Those two shops are my favourite shops in the whole internet. At Battlefield you will get nearly everything you need for your Minis. And the price is fair as well. So check them out :D
PK-Pro is a shop that has everything you need for making unique Bases, and also everything for army basing. Colours, brushes, putty and some nice chosen Minis ae also in his arrangement. I know PK-Pro owner very well, and I really like him. Hes a damn cool guy. tomorrow he will have a coffee in my house ;) I'll take a photo for you :)

Check out these shops, and be happy about their cool stuff :)

For me a very long and hard comission got to its end finally. Now I have some time for my own range. Pictures of that stuff will follow.

And there is something growin in the underground...something for you, yes you, sitting there on your computer, reading my words. while you read this, something goes to sweden, or from sweden back to germany...when it's finished, 5 GoldenDemonWinners with together 13 GoldenDemons will have been workin on it. But no one knows what it is, or who it gets. We will see, we will see. 111 is near.....

And a song I like very much :)

Rock on and keep the brushes licked

The Artfist

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