More Daggoth Tyranids

Hey there painteholics,

Finally I found the time to take some pictures of my finished Tervigon model. And another creature made its way out of the digestion pool of Hive Fleet Daggoth. My Tyrannofex is done AND painted. While he isnt the monster he sould be on the battlefield he is a cool Miniature and I really like him :P

First of all lets start with the Tervigon. Since Gw has no intentions to come up with a model I decided that I wont do another cheap "lets put a big chunk of green stuff to a carnifex" conversion. I wanted something different and the result is this beast. If you want to make on for yourself check out the Tervigon Tutorial in German or English.


Next on in line is the Tyrannofex. Due to the hot rumours about an upcomming tyranid wave in february I was pretty hyped up finally getting new tyranid boxes to play around with but GW dropped the Ball again and out of frustration I started to convert. After a full night of converting madness the first light of the new day showed what my converting madness had produced. I am still looking forward to a new tyrand wave in march, april, 2036 or whatever but HELL......THIS IS A BEAST!


Daggoth pool hasnt run dry, I am working on some other cool stuff but I dont know when it will be finished. I have a lot of comissions right now, studies are starting again in a month and a boarder holiday is just around the corner so it could get a little bit quit from my side. We will see what the future brings ;P 

see you all,



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  2. Wow the TYRANNOFEX is Amazing, I love it.
    The Idea for the TERVIGON is very cool too.

  3. Forgive the expression, but my eyes almost literally bugged out when I saw your tervigon! I am most certainly downloading your tutorial. Amazing work, Katan! :) Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. I 'm glad to sse that another one used the arachnok as tervigon part ;) I started this project a long time ago: