Hive Fleet Daggoth Got Game

Hey there painteholics, Brood brothers and sisters, Hive Commanders and wicked Warp Beings,

I am participating in a local Games Workshop campaign and since most players are in it for fun I can let go the hardcore playstyle lists and play some units just for fun. That is pretty cool since I lost my drive during my last year in the tournement scene. To much boring list builds, bad FAQ and Errata and so called "Just-in-it-to-win-it" opponents let me loose my fun in the game completely.

Since I am playing fun only I am playing more often than ever before. Yesterday I played against a skilled opponent and we both played nearly maxed lists but with a hand full of fun units to keep this game mixed up a little bit. I had to face Mephiston who is really hardcore. Crazy rules and stuff.

But anyway here are some pictures I shot during the Game. More pictures to come in the next weeks:

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