Dark Elf Witch

I would like to start a new army project but it is also a dark elves army :D.

Here is my first mini of my new/old army but is in progess.

Here are some earlier pics wiht the base. Yes you see right more marble :D.

I hope you like it. More information about the army project followed in the next few weeks.


  1. is the marble stairs going on a gaming base for your sorcerer?

    really a good mood setter but I'm concerned gaming wise it will look out of place, it's not totally believeble that she is standing on an identical staircase as she moves trough the battlefield.

    as a display base, superb! :)

    GL in fututre endeavors mate! /Swedish guy

  2. The scorcerer is more for the showcase as to play. If I play with her then is one game per year a lot :).
    Also I have used a gaming base if I want to enter her for the gd.