Copper Banner Tutorial

In this short Tutorial i want to show you how you can create banners and standards for your models and projects.
This is yet another field in our hobby where there is more than one way to do it. This is the technique I use mostly. 

What do you need?
- Copper sheet
- Cutter/Scissors
- Modeling Tool pointy
- Modeling Tool round

Step by step
I begin with cutting out a piece of copper in the desired dimensions. I use scissors or the cutter for this task. Cutting copper sheet is a little bit strange and you have to find your way of doing it best. Some use cutters , some other may prefer the scissors. Just try it out and after no time you will get it done.

When you're done with cutting the copper in shape you can take your modeling tools and add Weathering effects to it. Cracks, fringes etc. Just take your tools and the scissors and go at it until you like it. 

Now you can finish your banner off with one of two methods. You can crimp it the way you want it to be and prime and paint it or you could paint your banner flat and crimp it after you're done with painting. Freehands etc are much more easier if you dont have that many pleats around. You will have to correct light and shadows a little bit afterwards.



  1. You get this at your local hardware store :)

  2. Is the copper any good to paint on or will primer just scratch off?

    1. No worries KoenD, after priming everything is fine. If you dont move the banner so hard no paint removes. A very good alternative instead such as putties for showcase models.

  3. How thick is your copper sheet ?