Aloha and welcome in the USA!

Aloha and Welcome to the USA!

My worldtour is nearly finished. It´s my last day, we´re staying in Rekjavik on Iceland, and i
can´t sleep anymore. Tomorrow we will see Germany again after almost 2 and a half month. Thank you guys for the "nice" weather there, it´s wormer on Iceland now!

Things you know about Hawaii:

1. It´s a part of the USA. And it is really a part of! Everything is bigger. The highways, the cars, the supermarkets and an overload of fastfood and US-lifestyle ;)
2. Pearl Harbour
3. Honululu is the main city. It´s much touristic but nice and the famous Waikiki Beach is in the City.
4. On the isle are active vulcanos.
5. Surfing, surfing, surfing!
6. A lot of Hollywood productions are shoot on the isle: Jurassic Park, Lost, Godzilla, Hawaii 5-0 (what a suprise!), Windtakers, 50 dates ..., My friend Joe, and many more.
7. Beaching, beaching and beaching!
8. more surfing!

Enjoy the Pics!


  1. Aloha! Wonderful photos - I really envy you! This looks so terrific! Really happy for you! Enjoy every little minute of it as this won't never leave your heart! It was the same for me when I went to the states - but your trip is way bigger! Rock on! Aloha!

  2. Unfortunately the trip is over. We are back in cold old Germany. But there was so much insparations and experiences, i will never forget and keep my minds warm for a long time :)