aloah painteholics,

Today some off topic as you will. Its this time of the year again. With the Superbowl this sunday and Wrestlemania 28 just 60 days away I am all about sport at the moment. :P And I have the feeling this years WM will be one of the best. With The Rock back in action and the return of Taker and Jericho this has the potential of becoming pretty dame big. I can't wait ;D

If I would be able to achieve it i would get a ticket and go to Miami this year but unfortunately I can't :P But nonetheless I am pretty excited :p


Right now I am doing some tabletop Stuff for my Tyranid Army. The Tervigon is all painted and my Tyrannofex Conversion is also finished. I hope to get the time to take some pics soon.

Until this happens I can deliver some pictures of my current Hive.


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