New transport box

Today I got my new transport box and tomorrow it gets the first mission :).

I hope you like it. Its very light for the scale.But its need a handle. After the workshop weekend I make more pics.


Take one moment of your time, don´t forget to breath, and watch that crazy shit :


Official GW Tyranid Release

hey there painteholics,

The day is here, not only are we celebrating the 25th Anniversary of my favorite Game system and I prepare for a long day full of nerdiness, but the long awaited tyrannic release is here swell.

Now that I've seen the sprues I can say I am more than satisfied. All the little bits and stuff are awesome for conversion purpose. Both the tyrant and the tervigon kit comes with two heads so one of each set is free for conversion stuff. Four pair of boneswords in the tyrant kit are pretty cool,too. Finally all in plastic and with wings! 

I dunno about the 10.50 EUR old Ripper finecast release......but hell who cares :P


Finecast Review

Here you can see the quality of Finecast after two months only standing in the showcase...

White Dwarf March Pictures

aloah painteholics,

As you might have seen Siggi and me posted some pics of the march issue of the White Dwarf magazine showing you the latest miniatures from GW. Since today we can provide clear pictures since they popped up in a spanish forum. Not only a clear view at the new plastic Tyrant but at the Chaos Finecast Hellcannon aswell. 

New Wolves and one 'Old One'

Hi folks!

New Xenos for Katan, and maybe some new Space Wolves for me. I'm doesn't play anymore, but my heart goes on for the good old Space Dogs. Next month a new wave for the wolves is coming. You can find all the new pictures in the current white dwarf issue.

My attract attention is on the new 'Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris'.The model looks really cool, and i think there are many options for the presentation, because the dramatic posture. AND: Runes everywhere on the model! I like runes very well :D

Thank to DakkaDakka for the news!

But before i start to paint new Space Wolves, i have to finish on old guy. Before i gone to my Worldtrip, i started to paint the Lonesome Wolve. ou can find the last update HERE.
In the last days i found back the way to the desktop, and paint again on the old wolve. I continued with the shoulder pads, and the metalic parts. It is not the cleanest work ever, but i'm feeling well with it :) My next steps are the power claws, and the face. After that i will start with battledamage and cover all my unclean works with the this ;) Finally i would like to use a lot of pigments.

Tyranid second Wave in March! UPDATE

Hey there painteholics,

Since yesterday evening guessing, hoping and waiting is finally over. For two long years we waited for our second wave. Tons of codex entries without a model and now we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel: Tyranids in march. Sorry that I couldnt bring you the news sooner but I was ( and kinda still am) out of my serious mode and in my ten-years-old-fanboy mode.

So what do we get:
-  A Tervigone / Tyrannofex Plastic Kit
-  A new Hive Tyrant Plastic Kit
    which is easily a Harpy,too :P
-  Boneswords/Lashwhip Bits

Since I converted most of the lacking entries myself I didnt need this wave but I will get both boxes twice anyway because the endless conversion possibilities ;D But enough talk - here are the new critters:

UPDATE 23.02.2012

I just got some more pics. Some different colour shemes and pictures of the boneswords and laswhip bits. I am so happy my favourite bugs finally get some love :D 

And just to be complete here are some pictures of the upcomming Space Wolve miniatures. So the sons of russ will get some more stuff soon,too. 

The Necrons are awake... or is it Skelletor?

Here is the first mini of my current Necron project. But isn't totally finished at the moment.

After the priming I usend first time Liquid Green Stuff to make a better hood.

And its my first mini I used oil colours :D.

My problem is to make good photos but I made two different and I think a mix of both is a good representation.

But a better pic you can see hear :).

One question is open ... where is battlecat :)?

Something different ... if you mix wood glue with water the result looks like them if it thin. I think its a good way to build old windows or ice.

Underwater Dogs

If you like dogs or amazing photographies, check this site:

I think it is a really goodinsparation for your next animalistic paintingproject too.


Hive Fleet Daggoth Got Game

Hey there painteholics, Brood brothers and sisters, Hive Commanders and wicked Warp Beings,

I am participating in a local Games Workshop campaign and since most players are in it for fun I can let go the hardcore playstyle lists and play some units just for fun. That is pretty cool since I lost my drive during my last year in the tournement scene. To much boring list builds, bad FAQ and Errata and so called "Just-in-it-to-win-it" opponents let me loose my fun in the game completely.

Since I am playing fun only I am playing more often than ever before. Yesterday I played against a skilled opponent and we both played nearly maxed lists but with a hand full of fun units to keep this game mixed up a little bit. I had to face Mephiston who is really hardcore. Crazy rules and stuff.

But anyway here are some pictures I shot during the Game. More pictures to come in the next weeks:

In Progress - Dark Elf Witch

I'm sorry but is really a small update. I started to repainted the backside because I want a better freehand. Here you can see the first steps after one hour. Its only the sketch.

The Message

Hi there!

'The message' was a small speedpainting project, to find back to the brushes after my trip. I painted the mini in about 4 hours. Just for the fun it, and to get a feeling for bigger projects. I hope you like the small guy and it is not too much political uncorectness for you ;)

Have a good week, your Barfrau

Rhino wip

So, i got some wip images of the Rhino miniature im painting at the moment (as well as another famous artist, gaaah!! :) ) lots of lots of skinjob and as im painting only acrylics this is taking like forever, especially as i got 1-2 hours/day to paint if im lycky. i really need to start practising these oil colours, or the airbrush which mostly just collecting dust over here.

Anyway, shading are mostly browns, red and purple cooled off with some scaly green at the darkest parts, man i love that colour, its a shame GW discontinue to manufacure that one. in this pictures, shading of the lower parts (legs n' "stuff" ) has just begun. i hope i manage to finish this one prior feb 24... will be hard as i havent even begun the basework yet.