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Hey there painteholics,

Its pretty crowded in the Dimension the last few weeks. So its time for a quick review on 2012 so far. Some changes, new articles, workshops, announcements etc. Whre to start.

Well the Tutorial section is growing bigger and bigger. Here is a quick list of our newest Tutorials:

Blood Deutsch / English
Lightning  Deutsch / English
Tyranid Tervigon  Deutsch / English
Snow  Deutsch / English
Icicles  Deutsch / English

Overall the Tutorial Section is always worth a look :P It is updated from day to day to bring you the latest Tutorials on how you can increase your painting experience.

Lets continue with a change in the Dimension. Sleipnir decided to part from the Dimension. We wish him just the best in his future plans and projects. Buuuut he wont be gone completely, since he has some exciting new projects which can be followed here: Painters Delight
People come and people go. We welcome Simon Schnitzler aka Hydra to the 5th Dimension Team. he is pretty busy right now but I am shure we will here from him soon.

Next on the list are some awesome articles which are flowting around in the Dimension. Check em out:

- Review of Jarhead's Workshop in Hamburg
- The Die Vincis Blog
- Barfrau's latest post from paradise
- Katan paints the Hydracast miniature range

Last task on the list : We have reached the magical 100 follower mark. We thought about what we gonna do to celebrate this and lets say we have something in store for you. But since we are the 5th Dimension, we decided to wait until we have 105 follower :P

See you all soon,


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