Weathering Tutorial!

Today I gonna show you how I do most of my weathering effects. If you have dealt with the task of weathering in the past you might have discovered that there is more than one way to achieve this. In this tutorial I show you a method using a material named "Maskol". Maskol is a liquid masking tape and is produced by the brand humbrol. We will use this tape to protect certain areas of our miniature from paint during the process.

What do we need?
- A surface you wanna weather
- Maskol
- A Blistersponge
- Scorched Brown
- Graveyard Earth
- A Colour you want your surface to   

have in the end ( I took Boltgun Metal)
- Airbrush (optional)
- Your fingers

Step by Step
First I take my Miniatur or surface and prime it with Games Workshop Chaos Black spray. Normaly I would suggest you to use Skull white Spray to apply the highlights now but for this technique it would ruin the effect. If your miniatur or surface is primed black you can take a blister sponge and rip apart a piece of the size of a thumb. Make shure the piece isnt regular on all sides.

Then you take your sponge piece and dab it into the scorched brown colour from the GW range. How much you take is up to you. You then apply the colour with the sponge onto your miniatur or surface.

You do this again with the Colour Graveyard Earth from the GW range. Make shure you take way less than the first time. These two colours are good to create  fast rosting effect but you arent fixed to them. I wanted to do a good result in a short period of time. if you want a more professionell look I suggest to do the whole thing with real rust pigments and seal them with a layer of matt varnish using an airbriush system.

When the colours are dry you take another piece of sponge and apply the maskol to your miniatur or surface. Again its up to you how much you want to use. The more maskol you take, the more weathering you will get.

When the maskol is dry you then take your colour you want your surface to have and paint it normally using the rules for light and shadows. In this example I used boltgun metal from GW, Silver Air from Vallejo for the highlights and Chaos Black from GW for the shadows. You can use an Airbrush system to get better results. I use the Evolution Silverline because its pretty good and cheap if you compare it to other Airguns of this quality.

When the colours are dried you can see some irregularities where you applied the maskol. Just use your fingers to get rid of it.

If you want a fast and good weathering you are done now. if you want a more professionell look you can take GW skull white and highlight the lower edges of the weathered areas to get a reflection onto the edges. The upper areas can then be shaded with thinned chaos black. To enhance the look of the weathered miniature you can add fine lines and scratches using thinned chaos black aswell.

Of course you can use all colours on your surface but some work better than others due to contrast. Here are some of my models I weathered in the past.

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