Waterfall Tutorial


In this Tutorial I want to show you how to create waterfalls for your Bases/Miniatures. Sometimes we are stunned by a miniature of a well known painter and we think it will be unbelievable hard to achieve such a result. But the truth in our hobby is that 80 % of the job is Know-How. If you know WHAT you have to do and which tools to use many things are not that dificult to do. :P

What do you need?
- Clear Plastc ( Cups etc.)

- Water Effect
- Lighter 
- Pincher
- Super Glue
- Tamiya Clear Green
- Tamiya Clear Blue
- Tamiya Clear Orange

Step by step
First you take a clear piece of plastic.  I used a champagne glass made out of plastic...yeah very classy I know. Then you take your lighter and heat it up until it gets soft. When its soft enough you take your pincher and pull until you get long strings of clear plastic. You should make shure you dont heat to much so it starts burning. Just try it out and you will get used to it. 

If you did everything right you should end up with several plastic strings which look like waterfalls. Then you take a small scissor or something similar and cut out pieces which look good and glue them to your Base. 

To enhance the effect you then take your Tamiya Clear Colours and mix them with water effect to get a realistic colour.  Depending on how your water should look like in the end you take Tamiya Clear Blue, Green or if you want to achieve a muddy look Clear Green + Orange and mix them with some water effect. Then you take your brushes and bring the mix onto your waterfall.


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