Tyranid Ribcage Tutorial

In this Tutorial I want to show you how to sculpt the typical tyranid looking ribcage all tyranid creatures have in common. When you sculpt your own tyranid creatures or you just want to add to an existing tyranid miniature its important to mimic the real look in order to fit your other tyranid miniatures.

Take a look at this Trygon from Forgeworld. There you can see how the ribs should look like in the end.

What do you need?
- Green Stuff
- Hand Lotion
- Modelling Tool 1(pointy)
- Modelling Tool 2(round)

Step by step
You start of with taking your Green Stuff components ( any other modelling clay we do it aswell) and mixing them together very well. You can use Hand lotion like nivea if the green stuff is to sticky. 

Then you apply your green stuff where you want to have it in the end. In this case I just do it on a flat surface to demonstrate you what I mean. If you are modelling a whole body it will help you do have a solid core like aluminium foil so you dont push the green stuff out of shape if you detail one side. Waiting half an hour and let the green stuff harden a little bit will help,too.

You start of with modeling lines into the greenstuff by pushing the sculpting tool 1 into it with its long side. For more information how to do this just look at the picture. Remember: hand lotion on your tools will help you a lot :P

Then you do this from both sides so that you can see the form of ribs taking shape. Again looking at the pictures will help you a lot. ( Hand lotion is still your friend :P) 

Then you take your sculpting tool 2 and add these round holes in the end of each rib and the middle. Trying out several sizes of round sculpting tools will help you finding the right size for your project. A bio Titan sized tyranid will need another size than a gaunt-sized one. 

You continue with sculpting tool 1 and add little holes in the end of your ribs. This is a little tricky to discribe but again pictures will help you. You do a little hole with the tool and then another one directly under the first one where you hold your sculpting tool in a nearly horizontal angle. 

If you compare what we sculpted to an existing tyranid creature you can see that we managed to copy this look quite good. Of course our test sculpt is way bigger than the carnifex ribs but in this way you can see better what I mean. 


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