Snow Tutorial

In this Tutorial I want to show you how you can create a realistic snow effect for your miniatures. There is more than one method do achieve this but this is the method I use most of the time.

What do you need?
- Wood Glue( Ponal etc.)
- Water
- Old Brush
- Mixing Pot

Step by step
You begin with taking your Wood Glue and fill it into a mixing pot. The amount of glue you need depends on how much snow you want to create. Just try out in this step because you cant do something wrong here. You can easily add more if you took to less or add more powder later if you took to much. 

Then you add your snow powder until the whole mix gets thick. If you think you added to much just take more Wood Glue and add it to your mix. 

Next Step is taking some water and add this to the mix until the whole mass gets the consistency of a yoghurt. If you think its to thick add more water or glue. if you think its to thin add more powder.

You take the mix and put it where you want the snow to be on the miniature. Make shure it looks natural. Nothing looks stranger than a snow base which all snowspots placed right next to each other in the same size. 

The last step is taking your pure snow powder and dump it onto your snow on the miniature. Then you just take your miniature, turn it upside down and gently tap on the base until all dispensable snow has fallen off. 

I use a DIN A4 Piece of paper to catch all the dispensable snow. then I just fill it back into the bag. 


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