Shell Tutorial

Hey there painteholics,

Today I want to show you how you can use shells to create a cool looking Base. Many things taken from nature can look pretty cool on our miniature's bases. The more common things like earth, roots, twigs etc. but shells are quite good,too and they are a good alternative if you want to show the flora of an unknown planet or a deep jungle. They look exotic and appeal to the eye. So lets get started on our little shell tutorial.

What do you need?
- Shells
- Base / Socket
- Superglue
- Basing Material

Step by step
There isnt much to say here but I try to give you all some inspiration how to work with shells. I mainly use shells to do my tyranid related bases because the look pretty alienish to me :P I always have different looking shells at hand. The appearance is important, the more strange looking the merrier. 

I often glue the shells upside down on the bases so the hole can be seen so i can sculpt some tentacles into it or just use some slime effect after painting. After the shells are fixed I do the rest basing.


With a little bit of colour on it and/or some Slime Effects the whole thing could look like this:

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