Root Tutorial

Today we go back to the roots and take a look on how to use roots of all shapes and sizes to add to your base or socket. In this Tutorial I will focus on very small roots.

What do we need?
- Common earth
- A Box
- Wood Glue
- 28mm Scale Leaves
- Tweezers

Step by Step
I take a box full of earth from my garden and dry it for several days. This is never a bad idea since you can use
common earth to base your sockets nearly all the time. For more informations take a look at our
"Common earth Tutorial". You take this dried earth and put it into a box you like to store your earth in.

You end up with a box full of dried earth. Then you can search your box for those little roots. These roots are very small but you should figure them out with patience. These roots can be found in each load of earth. Sometimes you go lucky and find some more, sometimes not so many. 

You take out the roots you want to use and glue them to your finished base using tweezers. I use wood glue for that because he becomes transparent when dried  but you can also use super glue if you like. Some painters like to glue the roots before they paint but I like to apply them to a finished base and dont paint them at all because they look quite natural and do not look misplaced in my opinion. 

To enhance the effect of little twigs you can add 28mm scale leaves using wood glue and tweezers. You can get those leaves in online shops like Frederikus Rex.


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