...over to something else, i am temporarly taking a little break from the tiny skellies and begin work for something "slightly" larger - Allan Carrescos amazing Rhinotaurus! i have a deadline to finish this before feb 24th for a mini-mini competition against my swedish mate Anders (Ritual) which will be painting the same miniature so wish me luck guys, im sure going to need it! it will be very fin and interesting to see the result as we got completely different styles.

No real plans for base right now, so any suggestions are welcome. nothing advanced though, as this deadline is going to be hard enough for the mini alone.

Stay tuned for updates ;)

Special thanks to Sleipnir who fetched this mini for me. you rock mate!


  1. Und ich dachte: "Klar. Rhino. Truppentransporter." Wie GW doch einen den Geist verwirren kann...

  2. Oh. Sorry. My fault!

    First, I thought "Sure. Rhino. Space Marine Transport." and not Rhino as a beast. Games Workshop dominates my mind, I think.