New Black Library Books - Possible Tyranid Wave?

Hi there Painteholics,

Today I come to you with a piece of information I got from . It seems that the Black Library has some upcomming releases featuring the tyranid race. As I am a big mark of our beloved aliens these are pretty good news to me.

Here are some artworks to tease you a little bit:

The Black Library also released a video you can watch here:

I know GW and the Black library do not focus on the same things but could this mean we will finally see the second wave regarding tyranid modells? We are still missing a bunch of creatures like the tervigon, the tyrannofex, the harpy and more! 

I heard rumours about an upcomming 2. tyranid wave after Necrons but I wont believe it until I see them. But maybe hope isnt completely gone :P So stay tuned bug brothers and sisters and pray to the Void we will see our stuff released soon. 

I want to sweeten your waiting time a little bit with some tyranid related tutorials. 

Tyranid Ribcage Tutorial: Deutsch // English
Tyranid Mycetic Spore Tutorial: Deutsch // English
Tentacle Tutorial: Deutsch // English
Slime Tutorial: English
Using Shells Tutorial:  Deutsch // English

And I can tell that I am working on a pretty big tyranid related tutorial since a couple of days. It will be online this afternoon and I will make another post regarding this big release. 

See you all soon,


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