My friends :)

Heyho dear brushlickers,

some of my very good friends, well known as DieVincis (, are planing an amazing workshop.

Painting tanks in a realistic way is a very difficult thing, and these two guys, Manu aka CrazyWenky and Vlado aka. Vlado or BigPanda are two very  very good artists,who have massive talent in this kind of art. For me they are the tankchamps :)

So be sure, you won´t miss this event. And guess what, it is a DELUXE workshop, means, you pay one price, and get a full package of stuff. Including the workshop itself, the two smart and amazingly attractive ( ;P ) teachers, a bedroom and full board. Thats a damn cool deal. Dont miss it

check it out here (german)

Cheers The Artfist

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