Lightning Tutorial

Today I gonna show you how you can achieve a lightning effect. Since I used this at Games day Germany 2011 I got tons of mails on how I did this effect. The story behind it is pretty funny since I dreamed about this idea, woke up veeery early in the morning and had to try this out immediately.

I've seen some lightning attempts in the past, most using wire but they didnt look organic enough to really look like lightning. The best thing to use is something created by nature so you can be damn shure it looks natural. :P

What do we need?
- Roots
- Airbush
- Colours
- Super Glue

Step by Step
The secret is so simple that I was pretty amused by it myself. You just take these very tiny roots you find in common earth, dry them and paint them in the desired colour using an airbrush system.

And that is all there is to this. Now take little amount of super glue and get your lightning fixed to whereever you need it :D have Fun with this effect. :P If you have some pictures of miniatures on which you used this effect feel free to post them here.


  1. Great! Thank you very much

  2. Roots are a cool idea. How do you strengthen them to help keep the shape and hold up to transporting?

  3. Thank you so much for this post. It was really helpfull!