Icicle Tutorial

In this Tutorial I gonna show you how to create icicles. This method is similar to the method I discribed in our Waterfall Tutorial. But I thought a Tutorial for this should be in our Tut section to be complete :P.

What do you need?
- Clear Plastc ( Cups etc.)
- Water Effect

- Lighter 

- Pincher
- Super Glue

Step by step
First you take a clear piece of plastic.  I used a champagne glass made out of plastic...yeah very classy I know. 
The pieces shown in the picture are in use since a pretty long time now so you see one plastic cup lasts for a long time.

Then you take your lighter and heat the plastic up until it gets soft. When its soft enough you take your pincher and pull until you get long strings of clear plastic. You should make shure you dont heat to much so it starts burning. Just try it out and you will get used to it. You should also look for long and pointy pieces. In the end we are looking for icicles

Then you take a small scissor or something similar and cut out pieces which look good and glue them to your Base. To enhance the effect you then take your water effect and shapen the icicles until you are satisfied with them. Another cool thing of the watereffect is that it lets your icicles look wet and frozen. To enhance the whole effect even further you can add some snow powder to the place where the icicles are attached to your base. 


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