Hydracast Models

Heeeey there painteholics,

Some weeks no read since I was in my holidays. But I am back from the warp and I bring great news with me. :) Where to start. Well which better way to start than with some pretty cool miniatures. During my daily walk through the depths of the internet I found some cool tyranid-looking beasts, sculpted by a russian sculptor with the Name of Sergey Kopilov.

Since I am a great fan of his work I contacted him and asked him about a possible collaboration between him and the 5th Dimension. End of story is that I gonna paint his products for his planned online shop and help him getting some buzz around here. If you wanna order some of his sculpts please shot him an email at hydracast@gmail.com

Enough talk. here are the pictures of his sculpts. These models will be painted by me in the next months and of course I gonna deliver some pictures of the final miniatures when they're done.


  1. That's awesome stuff, you found there!

    Looks like some great sculpts to me.

  2. cool sculpts! and Katan you are the right man for the job ;)

  3. Wuhu very cool! When do the shop starts?

  4. I dunno when the shop will start out. Right now you can contact him via email to order his stuff. He is also working on a Tyranid Prime and has Boneswords to order. hydracast@gmail.com

  5. Thanks a lot, Katan!
    Hi all! I plan to create account on Ebay and sell minis that way. It`ll be very soon, I think)) But no online shop, just English-speaking blog and web-site some days))

  6. Wuhu im looking forward to buy the Modells on Ebay :D