Tentacle Tutorial

In this Tutorial I will show you how you can easily create good looking tentacles for your projects. No matter if you do something Deamon-related or for your tyranid army, tentacles are alsways a nice and easy way to get some details on your miniatures. In this tutorial I will show you how easy it it to do this and so even total beginners wont have much problems with this method. 
What do you need?
- Green Stuff
- Hand lotion
- Brushes
- Your Hands

Step by step

You start of with taking your Green Stuff components ( any other modelling clay we do it aswell) and mixing them together very well. You can use Hand lotion like nivea if the green stuff is to sticky. 

If your Green Stuff is ready you can use your hands to roll little sausage like tentacles. Just make shure one end gets thinner in the end. Hand lotion will help you a lot here,too.

Then you take your green stuff sausages and place them in the desired position on some brushes. Let them dry a day before you glue them to your Mini. If you want some structure into your tentacles just wait a little bit to let the greenstuff harden before you modell your details. 


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