Tyranid Tervigon Tutorial

Finally here is the long planned Tyranid Tervigon Tutorial. Since Games Workshop released the current tyranid codex, players are forced to come up with their own concept for a tyranid tervigon. In this tutorial i will show you step by step how you can built your own creature in a completely new design.

What do you need?
- A large Oval Base 
- Goblin Arachnarok Spider Body 
- Goblin Arachnarok Spider Legs 
- Tyranid Carnifex Torso 
- A pair of Rending Claws (Tyranid Warrior Box) 
- Two pairs of Tyranid Trygon Scything Talons 
- Old Tyranid Tyrant Head 
- Two Trygon Tail Ends "Rattlesnake"
- Two large Chitin Plates (Carnifex Box)
- A Tyranid Trygon Chest Plate 

- Super Glue
- Cutter
- Green Stuff
- Liquid Green Stuff
- Hairdryer
- Sculpting Tool 1 (pointy)*
- Sculpting Tool 2 (round)*
- Brushes *
- Hand Lotion 

*those stuff will be needed for things discribed in another tutorial which will be linked during the step by step part.

Step by step
You start of with simply cleaning all parts you need to convert the model. Cut them loose from the sprue and clean them from any mold lines etc. Then you take your spider body and glue it together using super glue. Close all holes where spiders are emerging from with Green stuff and add some details by looking at the next picture and you will end up having something like this:

You then take a chunk of green stuff and build up the part shown in the next picture. This part will be the piece which connects the lower body with the torso. I used a ball out of allumunium foil as a core and build up the ribcage when the green stuffed had dried for half an hour. You can take a look at our Tyranid Ribcage Tutorial how you can achieve this.

If it has dried just glue it to the body like in the pictures and you have finished your lower body.

Then you start working on the carnifex Torso. Glue it together with superglue and clean it from any moldlines. The spore chimneys are always a hard task since they never fit perfectly. Have you done this you simply take an amount of green stuff and fill out the inside of the chimneys like shown in the picture. Use your pointy sculpting tool to punch little holes in the green stuff. 

Let the Green stuff dry and start your work on the front of the torso by cutting away the spikes comming from the carnifex torso. Then take a hairdryer and heat the Trygon Chest Plate Until you can form it with your hands. This is a little bit tricky since you have to find the point where you can form it. You will need an amount of pressure to form it but make shure you wont brake it. Form the Trygon plate so you can easily attach it to your torso. A small gap will stay anyway, fill it up with liquid green stuff or normal green stuff like you wish. Let it dry, you just finished the Torso. 

Now take the two Trygon "Rattlesnake"  Tails and glue them in the Torso where the head will be later on. Make shure you glue it to the right end - the carnifex body is reversed so you need to glue the head where normaly the carnifex lower body would be located. 

I hope you can see this in the picture. The first tail is glued right above the first onw, some cutting and positioning will be needed. Your task is to be able to position the head in a natural position. The large shield from the head will guide you since there arent many poses possible :P 

If you finished the Tail positioning you can attach the old Tyrant Head and fill the gaps with liquid Green stuff. 

Go on with simply attaching the four Trygon scything Talons to your beast where normaly the spider legs would be attached. Note that the two back legs are switched. Left is right and vice versa. Looks better and the positioning is far easier. Make shure your leg positioning will fit on the Base later on.

Next you take your Spider legs and cut them in the joints so you can do the positioning just like you want. When you are satisfied glue them together and fill the gap with greenstuff. You can sculpt little lines in this part in order to fit your other tyranid stuff. Just look at how arm joints on existing tyranid modells are sculpted and mimic this.

Take your Tyranid Warrior Rending claws, cut off the hands and add them to your spider legs. After this you simply glue the "Arms" to your model. When you are finished with the arm positioning just glue the two carapace plates from the carnifex sprue as shoulder pads.

So last but not least you sculpt the tentacles like discribed in our Tentacle Tutorial, glue them to your beast like shown in the pictures and you are done. Just drill a hole in the lower body to support the weak legs, pin your model to the Base, you your Basing and you got yurself a pretty cool Tervigon model for your tyranid force.


If you like what you see and used this tutorial feel free to post pictures of your own Tervigon Model and Comment :P



  1. dude you got some kickass greenstuff skill, very impressive and damn thats a sinister model!

  2. Thanks, Problem with my GS skill is.....I can only do tyranid models xD I will do a chitin plate tutorial soon.

  3. Fuuck! i'm shitting bricks right now! I'll love to have that tervigon!

    PD: do you guys have a towel? I'm drooling... >.<

  4. Hey dude, just letting you know, all of the images are completely broken. None of them show up. They're all just replaced with grey boxes

    1. This. I'm too dumb to do this without pictures T.T