A christmas present for a good friend

Hey Folks,

here is a little present I made for a very special person. You all might know him as schiraga, but I know him as fabrizio, the crazy italian Man, as cool as coolness itself :) He is a very smart guy, always having a helping word for your ear if you have a problem. He helped me a lot in a quiet difficult time I had at the End of 2011. I had a hard time, finding my personal destination of painting and my way of life with all it´s ups and downs. Thanks a lot for your words my friend. I´m very looking forward to see you again one day in the closer future :)

Now to the model ;)

It´s a hasslefree Miniature, painted as a photograph who can´t take any photos he likes.(propably representing myself, totaly disabled in taking good Pics of my Minis). The Camera is scratchbuild with plasticcard and the photos too. The floor is made out of wooden sticks from Däc Monalds ;) Painted with a mixture containing chestnut Ink <3

 That was one more thing fabrizio helped me with, taking pictures and making bad pictures good :)

So thank you again :D

I hope you like this small little guy. Coments are welcome as always :)


Greetz The Artfist

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