Beware! The Hydra has come!

Hey there painteholics,

It has been pretty exciting in the 5th Dimension since december. Our tutorial section is growing bigger and bigger, there are workshops in plan, we are going straight to 100 followers which we will celebrate and since a couple of days a new member has entered our little painting dimension.

Simon Schnitzler aka Hydra is now part of the 5th Dimension Team. Some of you might know him for his awesome Green Stuff skills or his innovative armies like his Tyranid Hive Fleet Hydra, the Chaos Space Marine Army of Slaanesh or his Dark Eldar Projects.
To get more information on our newest member check the links below and await his comming because you can be shure to hear from him soon.

Golden Demon Winners
Warpshadow Gallery

He is also a multiple awarded veteran of the hobby and will lend you his wisdom in form of tutorials in the future. So lets hear a big round of applause for the Hydra. Welcome to the blog and to our little painting Dimension :P

See you soo,


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