Tutorial: color decanting

Translated by Dellolyn & Mr Lee

I decant the colours into eye drop bottles, because it is easier for me to paint faster with them and my wet palette. The advantages: every time you get a small drop. Casually I was painting directly from the bottle, such as bases for example. Another advantage is you can fill the colour directly into your airbrush, drop by drop. Last but not least, the bottles save the colours better, and the colour stays liquid longer inside. I had a lot of the GW Bottles with the black screw cap, where the GW bottles lost colour on the rim of the cap, that was really driving me crazy :) 

What do you need?
1. eyedropbottles
2. agitatorballs
3. colour
4. small rod
5. gloves  
6. chute  
7. kitchen roll

Step by step
Pour in the colour slowly. Best way is for the colour to flow directly into the bottle without touching the chute.

Scrap the colour with the small rod out of the chute ... 

... and peel the colour on the edge of the bottle off.
Try to work quickly so that the colour does not dry. Clean the chute in warm water, after dipping a few times it would be clean.

As the case may be, clean the chute with airbrush cleaner.

After this peel the reast of the colour out of the old bottle.
Put one agitator ball in the bottle, because without it the colours pigment does not mix but cling at the wall of the bottle whenever you shaking the bottle. 
Insert neck and cap mounting.

I supply adhesive labels to describe the bottles, but I get them also in a big package. So now I can label everything :D.

I use different colours to discern fast between washes, inks and colours.
Put the label on, finished.

You also can decant your colour without a chute. I think the colour you save this way is so small that it did not matter. The risk without a chute is the colour could flow out of the old bottle and spill onto your table. You also can use a chute of paper, but it will absorb a lot of colour and is so much more work.
My eye drop bottles are great, but next time I will try the better quality bottles by
 Vallejo. Pinselknecht told me he will receive better bottles in time, I'm really interested.
Have a look your bottles of PET, they should be elastic to close ranks the bottle. PE bottles are too stiff, so it could be a problem to get the rest of the colour out of it.

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  1. I have done the same after seeing this done by Corvus. Now almost all of my GW paints are in these bottles. Best part though is that you can peel the labels off the old bottles and re-apply them onto these ones. No extra work required there! Nice tutorial, and thanks for putting it into English!