Theory of light (zenithal light)

Transalted by Sleipnir

Zenithal Light
We`re moving on with some fundamental knowledge.
Today I am going to explain something about the light on our miniatures with some simple doodles.

There are two different theorys, one the one hand we have the zenithal light (comes directly from above) and on the other hand the global light curve.
Let`s start with an object that gives us the opportunity to explain every possible light. on different angled surfaces for the zenithal light theory. In this case the sun is symbolising the source of light (clear, eh? ;). You can turn around this sketch to mark the source of light with the sun.
Luminousity trend (zenithal light)
 Light directly from above = 100%.
... 100% - 50%.
... 50% - 0%.
... 0%.

Global light
Additionally to the zenithal light we`re usually painting a global light too. This means that we can set a focus by painting the brighter parts to the face (mostly THE focus / point of view nr. 1) and darken everything else. Also the lwoer parts of the miniature are always darker then the upper parts.

Different surfaces 
Please keep in mind that every area you are painting has a different surface. It`s not all about painting dark to bright and back. We have to regard the special curves of every surface too:
Aufeinanderfolgende Körper
Bei der Figur folgt immer ein Körper dem anderem. Gutes Beispiel dafür sind Muskeln. Dabei prallt immer ein verlauf von Hell nach Dunkel! Also Wirklich oben ansetzen mit der Hellsten stelle und ganz unten Dunkel.

I often recognize that people are painting "overshadows". We do not do that! Daylight is generally diffuse. So you won`t get a shadow on the hand below my other one. Got uit? It`s hard for me to describe this in english :(

But what we are painting are small overshadows like the shadow a belt is throwing to the trouser. That`s somethign we are doing by blacklining it.

IMPORTANT: If you wanna check the zenithal light on your Miniature you can take your miniature and take a look at it from above. If the Miniature is brighter from above and darker from beneath you did a good job.

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  1. I did a video tutorial on zenithal highlighting. I feel like we have similar views on the matter.