Praise the Sky Mother!

Hey there painteholics,

Who knows me closer is aware of my huge love for the tyranid race. Since I started this hobby I always played, painted and converted tyranids and raised two pretty huge fleets. Hive Fleet Garachnia and Hive Fleet Daggoth. Some Tyranidheads may know me under the name of Terrorfex.

Right now I work on a pretty big conversion of a secret model. And in advent fashion I give a hint each day. It may be a picture, a sketch or a letter of the models name.

If you are interested you can join us over on our tyranid board and see how the thread  progresses.

If you are interested in my Fleets I provide the links here:


And to tease you a little bit here are some of my Daggoth Minis:

CoolMiniOrNot Vote: Click!

CoolMiniOrNot Vote: Click!

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