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The reason for me is to keep a calm brush guidance. I also take a posture that I can paint a longer time without getting dorsal pain. Many guys looking crazy at me and wondering about I can paint in this position.

For me there are two positions, with a table and without. I normally paint without laying down on my table, but the mini is to unhandily for me.

If you laying down your heel of hand while painting on a table it is necessary laying down both. If you take one hand up you directly get shaky. In addition I use wooden plinths which you can also lay down to get mor stability. But this only works if I paint base an miniature separate. Its very necessary for this that your table have a secure standing.
I normally paint without laying down on my table, I simply take the miniature in my hands. The best way for me to take care that I sit straight and can paint along time without getting dorsal pain :).

1 I brace my elbows on my hips. So I get a addition stability and relieve my hands.
You can also brace your elbows on your table but you have to check your back is straight. For me it`s hard because after some time you automatically arch your back.

2 I try to get as much contect between my heels of hand as I can. If I can't because the mini is to big or to unhandily I brace ma heel of hand on my forearm. It's necessary that your hands touching eachother, otherwise your hands get shaky.

I only could advice each of you to try this, but for the best for a long time.At the beginning it is very unusal, after that it is easy and you can paint without getting dorsal pain. ;).
Here is another nice tutorial about the correct posturey by Baphomet at Massive Voodoo.

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