PMR No. II: Guardian Of The Forge

    Painted Miniature Review No. II 
- Guardian Of The Forge -

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    Concept & Thoughts 

While I was asking Aidan for a permission to write an article about his Space Marine Salamander he send me his thoughts for this project. As the human race is lazy I am going to simply copy & paste his text. I am not able to rewrite his words without using his own sentences, so... here we go:

I love the archaic atmosphere that Space Marines have, with their ancient hand-crafted armour and their warrior monk status. Their background draws a lot on Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque art and architecture styles, so that is something I drew on for inspiration for this model, particularly some of the freehand patterning.

The terminator had to be true-scale and slightly converted to an older armour style in order to appear venerable in it's age and power. Paintings of the Emperor, flowing purity seals and candles I hoped would make the suit of armour appear as a walking shrine, and allude to the holiness of the relic and the warrior within it.

The base was made using an idea kindly shared by Jarhead from  These folks are a constant source of inspiration, so thankyou! (BIG monkey-thanks from the 5th Dimension Team too!)

Many people have asked where the coin is from- I got it when I was in Budapest, Hungary earlier this year. I used a rusted metal landscape to tie in with the the atmosphere of the miniature, and provide a contrast with the green figure.

    About the Artist 

This stunning piece was converted and painted by Aidan Runagall-McNaull. He`s a 21 year old student from down under, Sydney. It must be a crazy feeling to stay headfirst all the time! Aidan, if you`re going to read this you should leave some words about this feeling in the comments ;)

He`s painting figures since he was 14, but only really competitively for the last three years. Moving into Sydney and meeting all the painters there was a really big boost to his painting and that is what keeps him motivated to compete and try to really improve his skills.

His favorite part about miniature painting is the atmosphere and story that an artist can evoke with a model or scene. It is all about the imagery and story that the piece conjures in the viewer and that is what he really tries to achieve.

Here you`ll find some of his other works (keep an eye on his great lizardman-diorama too!)


If you now want to paint a Salamander Space Marine on your own there`s a nice step-by-step tutorial right over here at Massive Voodoo: Step by Step Salamander Space Marine
You are always invited to send me pictures and a description of a miniature you would like to see here. Send this by eMail to


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