Lugft Huron & first snow

Today the first snow in germany is falling - could be such a wonderful natural experience. Soon it could look like this:

Winter is the season when the whole world seems to go to sleep. The weather is cold, the ground is hard, and the trees and plants seem to be dead. Since there is little else to do, it is a time that is conducive to working hard. There isn't much else to do, and the weather else seems to suggest that we must buckle down and do the things that we have been avoiding. This is not a bad thing. It can be very satisfying to work hard and be creative. Creativity is part of our makeup. Without a purpose in our lives, depression would quickly set in.
Source: Winter Poems - 9 Poems about Winter
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Wonderful, isn`t it? Maybe some of you will be inspired by the beautiful winterlandscape and creates nice snow-bases... who know?s

This weekend I was able to shot some really cheap forgeworld-minis at eBay. As Malekith told me, that I had to paint at least once a Space Marine I was looking for this one:

...costs me just 2 bucks plus shipping... pretty cheap. It`s a similar feeling to christmas! ;)

I wish you a happy pre-christmastime.


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  1. You shouldnt paint space marines, bad for health! ;) we got first snow today too, really cold here up north now bo-hoooo