Industrial Bases: Electro Waste Tutorial

Hey there painteholics, 

In this little tutorial I want to show you how you can create good looking bases for your miniatures, using electro waste and stuff you can get from broken cams, computers etc.

What do you need?
- Electro waste
- Base/Socket
- Superglue
- Screwdriver
- Pincher
- Sand / Earth
- maybe grills, fences etc.
Step by step
First of all you need a bunch of electro waste. Just go to a flea market and get some cheap, not working stuff. Back home get yourself a screwdriver and a pincer and take the thing apart. ( Pure fun to discover whats underneath the surface :P) 

If you are done with that you end up with several smaller and bigger parts. Now feel free to just tryout stuff and when it looks cool - glue it all together. Another method would be to just pick pieces and glue them directly to look what you end up with. I love this method because it with a little bit of try and error it looks quite good in the end all the time. So for our little tutorial I just picked some pieces I like to use:

The pieces you see are from my box. In there is everything from a motherboard to a cam. When I get something new I just take it apart and put the pieces in my box. After a short time you get a wild mix of cool stuff. Just experiment a little bit what you like and what looks good. You can of course combine your electro waste with other basing techniques. I added the piece of grill to my base to have a solid place for the Mini to stand on. You get stuff like this from your local hardware store. After some time of just adding stuff to your base or socket you probably get to the point where you think its enough. You can then use normal sand to fill the gaps.


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