Grave Guards

Hello world!

Have been super busy and half motivated but now i finally finished another mini - swoon! ive begun another whfb regiment and thought these skeletons are cool and suits my style nicely. this is skelly number one, the banner guy. not been freehanding that much before so it has also been a learning process, really funny! now only 5-6 skellies left in the pipeline together with the newest female vampire model, and perhaps the necromancer.

Just very few colours used; mainly GW's midnight blue (RIP!!), Vallejo smoke, GW red gore and GW scorched brown (+b&w of course).

Snow was not in the original plan but it all become so dark so it lightened it up a bit :)

Cmon submission here, tell me what you think!
More angles in the submission too...

The little menace that stolen most of my time lately. Sorry, have to write more in the future!

syntax error! ;)


  1. very nice Pictures and i mean not the mini in plastic :-)

  2. Dude I love your style so much. When I first saw the rat Ogres the night before GD in the hotel lobby I went nuts ;P Hits my taste right on the nail :P And for ''freehand experiment" - it looks beautiful. I wish I could freehand like this.

  3. I love both photos - great unique painting on the plastic one and the other looks perfect too!

  4. Yeah! The second pic is epic :)!
    Your color style is so fantastic :)! The freehand looks good.