Gap Filling

Transleted by Mr Lee
Früher hab ich meine Lücken oft nur mit Green Stuff gefüllt. Nach dem Malworkshop mit GeOrc bin ich dann aber auf Milliput umgestiegen und versuch es auch in etwa so zu erklären. Auf dem Einsteiger-Workshop von Jarhead wird es fast geauso gezeigt.
Das Problem bei Green Stuff ist, dass es nicht eben aushärtet und nicht gut schleifen lässt.

What is required?
1. Figure with gaps ;)
2. Milliput
It does not matter which Milliput, the differences are minma, though the main thing is that it is fresh.
Otherwise it is realized immediately while kneading that it is clearly not mixing or when even older is no longer cures.
For storage it is best to be in an airtight container, like in a 100% lock (Tupper) in a box or bag clip
3. Downgraded or older brush
4. Toothpick
Alternatively: Color Shaper or sculpting, but they get dirty very easily
5. Water

Step by step
Two equal pieces cut or tear off both the components from the Milliputs.

Both masses knead together evenly, the best is when the fingers are slightly moistened in water. It really just needs to be wet and not use too much water.
! Caution: Please do not put Milliput in their mouths. So use water instead of spit!

After kneading, use the end of a brush push in a small impression of the Milliput.

Move the brush around inside the impression with water.

Continue massaging until the liquid is achieved to creamy consistency.

Taking some of the Milliput wash, apply it to the gaps on the model ...

... purely and simply let it sit there.

For larger gaps best with the toothpick (sculpting tool) and add a bit of Milliput.
! Warning: If you use the model sculpting is will get very dirty quickly so it should only be used for such purposes!

Press the Milliput into the desired location easily ...

... and carefully remove excess Milliput as before.

Then moisten the toothpick in water ...

... and it is best with light rolling movements over it and you are ready to go :).

Figure without gaps ;).

Plastic Putty (Vallejo)
Alternatively to Milliput but is also suitable Plastic Putty from Vallejo (you can buy in a Tube) to use on small gaps. The result I find some is not so good, but it is good for the quick fix in any case. It quickly hardens (Plastikputty about 5-10 min). This can be speed up the process with a hair dryer ;). 

Liquid Green Stuff (Games Workshop)
Is a nice alternative and find it suitable for gap filling even better than Plastic Putty. To harden the mass needs about 30 minutes, but all depends on it to how much water you've added. But all in all it works only for small gaps.

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