The FiSH-Philosophy!

Stucking on painting a detail and not getting the result you are aiming for?

Despair because your blending didn`t want to be as smooth as it should be?

Getting angry because you`ve painted an area for the 5th time and still not satisfied?

...those are just a 3 out of an endless line of incidents that could pull down your motivation while painting a miniature. How do you get back this motivation to paint on with JOY and HAPPINESS as we all should do??

Before I am trying to show you a way to motivate yourself I would like start with a short videoclip that will make your day (and for sure the next days too - and maybe the upcoming days in your further life?!). Please keep in mind that this article is not going to be a tutorial, it`s more a way to show you some ways to stay motivated.
It`s a clip about the most famous fish-market in the world: The "Pike Place Fish Company" in Seattle. I promise that you`ll see things in this video you`ll never forget - and hopefully you are taking some things of it with you (and not only for just painting a miniature).

Please, enjoy this video in full lenght and relax for a few minutes:

"Let the FiSH! Philosophy into your workplace and learn the essentials of bringing amazing passion, playfulness, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day!"

    What is motivation? 

Yes, before we are going to talk about the way to motivate yourself we should know what motivation is.

"Motivation is like the sea - sometimes it`s stormy and sometimes it`s calm, something the human can`t influence. You have to take it as it comes."
by Jarhead, 19th Novemebr 2011

Let`s compare this with an engine. So... motivation is the gas that keeps the engine running. There`s a simple rule: No gas - No power! Be sure to always refuel your gas to move on with whatever you are doing. The human is a simple engine that follows an even more simple rule: You are only doing things if you see or get an own use out of it. Got it? Fine. This means that you should always think of the reason why you are painting, mainly the answer is JOY and HAPPINESS. I`ll try to avoid to go deeply into the psychologically rail - if something is way too superficial you are always invited to drop me some lines or leaving a comment to this article.

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines!

    Keep the engine running!

There are some easy-to-follow guidelines to keep your motivation in line:

• Do not aim for a too high level if you are unsure to reach it. Work in small steps and see how your skill is rising by painting one miniature after the other.

• Do not orientate at other peoples work. Always compare your actual result wih the last painted miniature

• You are painting for JOY and HAPPINESS - always keep that in mind!

• Who does not really want would never be able to....

    Lost motivation? Refuel your gas!

If you`ve lost mostly all of your gas you could give the following hints a try.
• Value your own works and be proud of it (whatever other people are telling you)

• Visit the BIG Jungle to find a full load of gas to restart highly motivated on your project again

• Take a break - you can`t force full concentration for a long time (or paint another miniature if you get the feeling of losing motivation)

• Lose yourself while watching an inspirational or funny videoclip, while you are listening to some good music or taking a walk

• Visit a painting-class near by or simply meet some friends to paint together and discuss about the way you are painting and how to improve your skills

I hope I was able to give you some hints how to stay tuned. The things mentioned above are just my personal experiences and those, some friends gave me. There are still a lot more ways to do so. Maybe those are not working for you...don`t care about it, there`s always a way that hits your taste.

It`s always a good (re-)start to grab a piece of paper & a pen and write down why you are painting miniatures, what you are expecting from yourself and how you would like to reach this goal. Divide this into smaller steps to not demotivate yourself just because it doesn`t works at first try.

I would like to finish this article with a quote by jarhead that is always in my head while I am painting:

"Painting is like a muscle, you have to train it everyday to get better and better and to keep the standard you are currently on."

The 5th Dimension-Team is wishing you always paintingsessions full of JOY and HAPPINESS!


  1. Yes, indeed very nice article - the fish philosophy is great! Thanks for quoting me, I feel very honoured about it :)

  2. I'll put that article up to todays Inspirational List :)

  3. Thanks, I am glad that you like this short article about motivation.

    Special thanks to roman for linking us on the jungle - your site is always a well of inspiration for us!