Cork Bases Tutorial

Today I want to show you how to create a Base or Socket using cork. I use cork to build up the base appearance of my socket.

What do you need?
- Cork Plates
- Pincher
- Superglue
- Socket/Base
- Sand / Earth
- maybe roots,
- Stones, Slate etc.
Step by step
You can buy cork plates from your local Hardware store in several thicknesses. I mainly use pretty big cork plates
and rip them into smaller pieces. You should make shure the pieces look organic in order to achive a natural and realistic look. Therefor I rip them and dont cut them. In this case I use a half inch plate. 

When I build up my base or socket I take some pieces of cork out of my box and tryout several compositions until I achieve an interesting form. A good looking and intriguing composition takes shape during the process. I glue nothing until I am not satisfied with the composition. During this process I can add pieces, take away or rip existing pieces a little bit smaller in a certain area. When I am satisfied with the look I glue everything to the socket with wood glue.

When the foundation is ready you can just keep it this way or add Common Earth or sand to it using superglue, add roots, stones etc. Feel free to take a look at our other tutorials for this if you want.
With a little bit of practise and some paint on it this might look like this:

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