Basing: Using dry earth

Translated by Sleipnir
Using normal earth you find outside is pretty easy, cheap and luckily the best method out there. Most products you can buy are simply not natural enough and look out of place on your Bases. So in this Little Tutorial I will show you how easy you can get a good looking Base.

What do we need?
- A blank base
- Super glue or Wood glue
- Gloves
- Dry earth (out of the garden or stolen from mothers flowerpots)

Step by Step
Before we start you should gather some earth or just steal some from your mothers flowerpots as mentioned above :P

Put all of this earth into a box and let it dry. You could fasten this process by using the sun or a heater. It`s also possible to use a fire-resistant box and heat the earth in the oven around 120 degree for some minutes. Small animals like tiny bugs etc. will die there too.

First of all you should open the windows since the process generates very unhealthy steams that are irritating your eyes and nose.

Work outside in the garage or garden if possible!

Now add some white glue to the base where the earth should be. Simply let it fall down from above without placing it directly. Looks much better and more natural.

Add small roots if you wish and repeat the process until you ve got a satisfying result.

After this step we are adding fluid super glue. That`s the part you shouldn`t do inside your flat!

The super glue hardens the earth, so its not falling off while painting.


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