Sol`Kanar, The Swampking [King Maulg]

The last weeks were kind of distracting for me. There was a lot to do at work; time was running out before finished everything. And at home my family was waiting for me as I am a beloved husband and father. It`s not always easy to do the balancing act between work, hobby and family.

As jarhead always says: Finally I`ve found back my muse for this hobby and am able to show you my current progress.

While I was painting on King Maulg for the first time some strange ideas came to my mind. So I stopped painting and was thinking about a nice conversion that would make my Maulg unique.

Now all is gone and forgotten,
reeling in the rot of a dead place that once was, but nonetheless,
was once a kingdom of  the Swamp king...

    The Conversion 

I started by sculpting a shoulderpad made of milliput followed by some spikes on his spine to get a better connection between the idea in my head and the miniature. I am heading for a swampy base with some water effect. Later more on this idea.

I`ve cut his axe compeltely to be able to use a more swamp-like weapon: A spear. The pole itself is made of a brass rod. Tose are available in different diameters at common hardware stores. The tip itself is just one I`ve stolen from another miniature. Sometimes things are easy.
And here we come to the part, that produces headaches: I wanted to give this miniature more dynamique. Hoe to do so with such a static pose? Ah, adding a flag blowing in the wind! It`s the first time for me sculpting a flag.

My first try was made of milliput mixed with some greenstuff to make it more fexiable. Here`s the result:

Sadly it`s in the wrong angle and way too small for a nice effect. So, next please:

Much better now, but still not, what I am heading for. Someone told me, that it`s looking like a playmobil toyflag... uhm ... err... starting over again...!

I made several tries with handkerchief, wool and white glue. Failed... No picture for you.

Now I am using copper-paper. It`s really easy to get the shape you want and to add the effect of wind to it. Final picture will be showen in my next article ;)

    The Basework 

The base will get a swampy look.

I`ve taken a socket made of olive wood by "Der Sockelmacher", those are from finest quality and pretty cheap! You should visit his shop and left an order ;)

This one suits well with the darker mood of the base.

First of all I`d to gather some real branches, roots and other stuff like that out of my basing-boxes. After some arrangements to test out how it would look like super sculpey was added to the top of the socket. This enables me to fix all the branches, roots and whatever without using glue. Big advantage of this way is the time you have compared to simply glue.

After priming and painting there will be some rotten leaves, fishes out of an animal set by BUSH and for sure some fine roots too. This will be filled with watereffect later.

First colors applied (still a lot of work to do...!):

The crown is regular supposed to be glued on Maulgs head. But I deceided to not use it on it. So I am able to decorate the abse with it. Like an ancient king who died in the swamps... That`s my tribute to the original version of this miniature.

    Planned Color Scheme 

On the following picture you can see what colors Maulg will get. I think the occer / orange / brown scheme would suit well to a swampy theme.

Stay tuned... more progress will follow soon!

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  1. Did you bake the base /super sculpey afterwards? Wasn't it a problem with the heat? The different materials should act differently (increase in size) when exposed to heat. Maybe i just think to complicated. Well done so far :)