A small Box goes around the World

Hi guys!

Next week i´m going on a small trip for the next 2 and a half month. My tour beginns in Melbourne (Asutralia). My girlfriend has been studing there since july of this year. Now i´m going to pick up there and after two days in Melbourne our tour will start at the north side of Australia. If you guys are buliding snowmens or going sledding with your kids, i take my swimsuits and and go surfing on the waves :p
There we´re going to rent a car, and have 4 weeks to drive down to Sydney. Our next step is the south side of New Zealand. Here we will have Christmas and the New Year´s Day within 30 or 40 degress, Kivis and maybe some Hobbits. Three weeks later Our next flight goes to Samoa. The small island is near the Fijis and we will stay there for 5 days. Not enough "the beach" feelings, we are going to Honolulu for 6 days :) our next stop after the islands is San Fransisco. I have been there and in California at 2002, but i think the country has enough size to be there for a second time. We will rent a car there and travel around the Route 101 at the Ocean to the south. On the way home we take rest for two days in Reykjavic (Iceland). It would be a hard competition, because it´s in the end of January :D If everything goes well, we will be back in Berlin on the 2th of Feb 2012. On the map you can see our whole tour:

Withou all the other new and excitings thing i´m going to see, i will always take my eyes open at every place what we will visit, to collect some inspartions for our lovely Hobby. I will take a lot of Fotos and maybe i make some sketches or something else.

On the next picture you can see an empty plastic box. This box will be going on the world tour too. It´s not so big, but i will fill it with some diffrent stuff from all over the world were we will going in this 2 and a half month. You know what i mean,
- Maybe some lava stones from Samoa?
- Wood from the big forests in New Zealand?
- Some small bones from the Outback in Australia?
- Shells from the beaches in Honolulu?
- Maybe metallic parts from the cells on Alcatraz in San Fransisco?
- Or a complete geysier on Iceland?
in the whole time of travel i would like to post some pics on our blog, and sometimes an update of the box status too.

And now i need your help:

At this moment, the box is just a ordinary plastic box. But do you know any others boxes that goes around the world with this important and amazing job? I think no, and that is the reason why it needs a name!

Do you have any suggestions for a cool name? Let us talk about it, and at the end of the week we do a poll on our Facebook side. Why you should do that? You can win ..... nothing :D But you can say it is your creativity name what goes around the world ;)

Be a part of my world tour, and feel free to post some crazy or funny name creations here or on Facebook!

Here you can find all links to all excisting post about the trip:


  1. Nice idea ;)! My suggestion is "outback box" :).

  2. The Outback Box is a good start :) Thanks Markus.

  3. My second idea is "Roo Bar Box" :D.

  4. I would name it "Globetrotter-Box" - suits well I think.

  5. Box of the explorer (Explorerbox)