Review Busch Small Animals Set

Hey brushlickers out there,

today I got my new set from Busch, including very small little animals for 32mm or 54mm Miniatures. Now I wanna show you the inside of the set.

What do you need?
You can buy the set at Amazon for only 6,98€ what is really not expensive if you see what you get for your money.


If you buy it, a little box will arrive your workbench soon

Step by step
After some packing out you´ll have many many stuff in your hands.

A small piece of lawn, can be used for some...lawn :)

Next in the box is a manual describiing how to put animals out and paint them

And of course the main thing, the animals

And there we got what we wanted. These animals are very cool, and can help you building nice storys and giving some life to your bases and miniatures. The next pictures show you what is inside the bag

So you get 76 small animals. This is a great set for everybody who paints miniatures. So don´t miss it. In the End I´ll gonna show you three examples of my used animals:

I hope I could show you something new or interesting, and would be happy to see some small animals on your projects.
At last I show you a Lady playing the violin like noone else. Thaks to Reiner aka xshaperx for showing this on facebook. This Lady has got so muich Power and Energie, just amazing :D


The Artfist

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