Quick Tutorial about making ugly slime

Heyho out there,

A few moments ago I finished a little mini, made for slimy tutorial for you. I hate my camera, so the pictures are very bad... But I hope I can help you amking your own slime :D bäääh

What do you need?
First of all you need a painted miniature. Here the victim of my technic is the ZombieBaby from Helldorado:

As I told you nothing special on the paintjob ;)
Next thing is the slime:
I used UHU ´Hart´.
This UHU is a pretty quick drying and glutinous glue, perfect for making slime. Next Reason is the colour of the endresult,...the slime. While reacting with air, the glue changes it´s colour a bit. It´s not completely clear, but some kind of milky. For Clear slime-effects like saliva use normal UHU. This will take a bit longer to dry, but the result is very clear.

Step by step
Next step is making a dot somewhere, and now you have to work quick, because as I told it´s drying pretty fast.

Now take your tool you choosed. I choosed a little shashlik-stick because of it´s tip. You can work very exact with it, and after finishing, you can throw it away or use it as a spear to hunt some apples on a tree,....wtf??? :D

As you can see now the glue is making some very ugly looking slime already. To use this effect on the miniature, you have to touch the point of slime with the slimy stick, and pull it to the point, where the slime is fixed on the ground. I can´t take a picture of this process, but I think it´ not to difficult. Try it out and you will have a quick learning effect :D

An important thing is not to take to less of the glue on your stick, because sometimes it´s not enough for the effect, and it will tear, before it´s finished. That doesn´t look good ;)

The result of the slimy slime on the miniature can be seen below:

To show you how small it is, I took a one cent coin and fixed it next to the miniature:

I hope you can use this technic for your projects, and want to say sorry again for the bad pictures and the fast painted miniature ;)

Greets The Artfist


  1. Well done! Nice to know that different types of UHU are drying in different transparencies.

  2. Very ugly :D. Thanks for sharing :).