Motivation vs. Skill

Hey folks,

after losing my motivation due to several things that didn`t came out the way I imagined I finally found it back. Progress is going on fast now - sometimes you just have to reduce your own claims to make some steps forward.

There`s nothing more bad in our hobby then painting and repainting and repainting one single part just to be satisfied with the result.

So, please, keep always in mind:

You are painting for joy and happiness!

Soon I should have finished an bigger article about motivation and ow to keep it alive. Stay tuned to not miss it.

1 comment:

  1. What i do if i lost my motivation is, i take 1 or 2 hours and surf around some hobby internet pages. In this time i don´t think about what´s going wrong or what i can do better. The most effective and motivationg for me are WIP threads and pictures. During reading i get a new push for painting again, and i move to my painting table :)

    You know my positiv opinoin about the King, but is would say it again: You built a beautyful Mini. Now it´s time time to give him colors! Bring it on ! :D