Massive Voodoo Plastic Knight Challenge!!!!

hey there Painteholics,

I am pretty rarely seen here atm. Real life issues keep me away from my beloved hobby. My brushes look sadly at me while working at my desk and my tyranid army hasn't seen biomass since months. Hopefully the stars are moving into a future with ore time for the hobby.

But enough explanation. lets get to tha real shit! MV did a pretty cool contest. The heroic plastic knight challenge. Several members of the 5th dimension used the thin barriers between the 5th and our to slip into reality and show some cool peaces of work including myself.

It was pretty close but 3 days before deadline, some glasses of vodka coke and I decided to enter the challenge. ( my part was very little xD) Said and done I started. But before i grant you the pics and some
explaining words here is some music.

Ok and last but not least the pictures of Sir Strangealot. I always wanted to do such a big chainsaw lance xD So in just 3 days of afterwork painting I but everything together, primed it and started to paint like a madman. I used every bit of time I could afford. In my daily hour for lunch I painted like crazy to get it done. And finally I made it. Hope you like the strange critter. It was fun to paint it :P

And here you can vote and/or leave a comment: CMON

see you all in the future,



  1. Remmememememmäääääääääää!!!!! chainsaw in medieval time FTW :P

  2. Its a pleasure to that you also finished a plastic kight :)!
    I like the Remmmemmememmmääää chainsaw :D!!
    Where did you get the lion skull?