I knew it :D

As I told you, I got a soccket without an idea. And as I told you too, there will be an idea. Wabuff....there was it:)
First I looked after some miniatures. Just looking araund and let them talk to me. Then I saw the Infinity sniper and fell in Love:) So I want to build a diorama with one of the Infinity snipers...finding an enemy wasn´t difficult, so the scene was born. Next I bought a Hummer H2. A massive, strong, powerful mancar that can´t be destroyed by anything.
Than I took a hammer....and destroyed it :D And now look what kind of diorama grows in my head...muhahahaha

It isn´t glued already, and will change a bit ( there will be a small tower in the corner and some more stuff lying around) but the main Idea is already on the socket :D
This will be fun haha :D I love it

Greets The Artfist

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  1. Wow! Very nice base. Its a good inspartion for a current project!