Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò – WIP 2

Part TWO of the Step-By-Step. You can find part 1 following this link: Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò – WIP 1.

I recently finished both the shield and the helmet, though the last details are still missing (weathering, maybe satin finish). I'll have check it after assembling these parts to the body.

    The Helmet
The airbrush work is based on a tutorial by airbrush-master and “Andrea Miniatures” painter Julio Cabos. You first spray the shadows from below, then the highlights from above (make sure the shadow-color doesn't contain “grey” colors – makes it much easier). Then use a brush to finish the highlights, shadows and edges. For this warm piece of cloth (Kefiah) i used Skull White and Vallejo Smoke only.

The color codes (“+” is for highlights, “-” for shadows, “/” stands for a mixture):
Kefiah: Skull White/Vallejo Smoke, +Skull White, -Vallejo Smoke
Iron: Boltgun Metal, +Vallejo Air Aluminium, -Chaos Black
Gold: ShiningGold/Vallejo Smoke(tiny), +Air Aluminium, -Chaos Black
Brown: Smoke/ScorchedBrown, +Bleached Bone, -Chaos Black

    The Shield

 Once again i used Tamiya Masking Tape as a stencil to paint the big cross. I added some Catachan Green to the cream-coloured (BleachedBone/CodexGrey(tiny), +Skull White, -Chaos Black) leather to make it more interesting and realistic. The last thing i did was painting some tiny scratches to break up the surface. Just use the middle and highlight colour for that. The crosses are just Snakebite Leather +Skull White -Chaos Black.



  1. This looks wonderful so far! Thanks for the write up - very inspirational and that Julio Cabos PDF is a true flower!

  2. Really nice paintjob at this moment! The metal of the helmet looks nice, and the shield is a great eyecatcher.