Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò – WIP 1

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself first: My name is markus (nickname SK4TE), i am 21 years old and  this is my first post here :). Thanks Markus (Malekith) for inviting me to this blog. I think it'll be great fun.

So here's my first project and it is a rather big one. This is why i wanted to post a step by step with all pictures. The Miniature is the Standard Bearer for Carlo d'Angiò (75mm) by Pegaso. It shows the standard bearer of “Karl I. von Anjou” king of sicily and Jerusalem. Weighing about 500grams it is a massive miniature, but an excellent one, too. The Pegaso box-art is by the master himself: Danilo Cartacci, what it makes the goal to reach.

The box and a nice italian socket i picked.

Masterfully sculpted pieces of white metal. true love :).

The assembled Pieces.

2 Components GW base coat.

The shield.

Masking for the airbrush.

Airbrushed and 1st Freehand

Using a cut-out lily (just print it yourself) for some cheating.

All the Lilies (Painted with thinned Skull White)

After painting the lilies with Snakebite Leather and Golden Yellow. I am not quite content with the saturation, though.

Any criticism and comments welcome. Watch out for more! :)

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  1. Welcome to your first post :) You choose a beautiful start with this model. The first painting to the shield looks very good, and thank you for this detailed review.