Hey out there!

Yesterday i visited a crazy razzle dazzel awesome colorfull and speedy event. It´s named: Roller Derby! At first it looks like a bunch of tattooed, maybe drunken crazy girl, with rollerskates (Yes, rollerskates! The old one with two axes and four wheels), which one drive senseless in a circle, and smash each other down. But after a couple of rounds you understand the rules, and it beginns an exciting sport-event with beer and rock´n roll!^^


I´m sorry to tell you that the Berlin "Bombshell" Girls lost yesterday against their opponent the London "Rollergirls".The video shows ab best of from this year.

And now a very important question: Do you know Minis with Rollerskates ? ;)

Before i went to the Derby i built a new base. Why? Just for the fun of it :) Some day i find the optimal mini for this one.

Here it is:

Enjoy your day!

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