Farbfanatiker vs. Barfrau

The Brushwar

Inspired by the last Workshop, Martin aka Farbfanatiker (also a participant) and me, we decided to do a brushwar on www.das-bemalforum.de. The idea behind this, is to keep the flow by of the weekend, and to finish a project in short time. In this case, we have been declared two weeks for this.
Brushwar sounds like a battle or a competition, but it is more a friendly work together and a positve motivation to finish the project actually! I think you know the problem ;)

Our topic are the WILDORCS. On the pictures you can see the current status of both project. The first one is from Martin. He´s going a very different path , and we have an old mini versus a new one. I choose an old Mini on a boar. I like the theme, because all time before I were fixed on since fiction Modells.The whole model is painted in color schemes that i never used before. It will not be my last Orc :)

You can find the complete thread HERE on www.das-bemalforum.de. Feel free to post there (german or english) and help us to get the best results in two weeks!

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